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Facilities at SHSS

Language Lab

Language lab provide learners with tools and a conducive environment to enhance their linguistic abilities, practice pronunciation, and improve comprehension skills. The Lab is equipped with necessary software that enables students to practice their English and other foreign language skills including writing, listening and speaking. The lab is also equipped with several statistical software for quantitative research as well as qualitative data analysis software.

Research Scholars Lab

Research Scholars lab are vital hubs for innovation, exploration, and collaboration. They are designed to provide a shared space for scholars from diverse academic backgrounds. The labs are equipped with high-speed internet connectivity, a printing facility and a section dedicated to storing books, reference materials, and journals. These labs encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and offer resources that are beneficial across multiple fields of study.

Conference Room

The conference rooms serve as a hub for meetings, discussions, presentations, and collaborative activities among faculty members, administrators, students, and external stakeholders. The rooms are equipped with audio-visual tools, including a projector, large-screen display, sound system, and video conferencing capabilities. which enables educators to share information, showcase research, and connect with remote participants seamlessly.